Defining Quality Of Life

For many families in Australia today the gap between what we we want and what we can have continues to widen. The result? A steadily declining quality of life. What does "quality of life" mean? Put simply, your quality of life is the difference between your income and your expenses. The more you save and the less you spend, the higher your quality of life.

Everything about your lifestyle is in direct proportion to your earning power and the disposable income that's left over.

If you're able to maintain your existing income level and decrease your expenses - your lifestyle changes along with your quality of life.

And indeed if you're able to maintain your level of expenses and increase your earning potential - your lifestyle and quality of life improves even more.

The Good News

You may be thinking how can I attain this in my current situation? That these principles only apply to the wealthy few. But there's good news. Almost anyone can become financially secure - BUT only if you're willing to spend a few minutes learning some simple but powerful principles about how money works and, more importantly, how you can get your money to work for you.