An FNA Will Show You If Your'e On The Right Track

Getting started with a Charles Alexander Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) only takes about half an hour. That’s not much of an investment in time when you think about what you can gain. In those 30 minutes, you can map out your financial goals. You’ll also begin to learn how money works – that’s not something they generally teach in schools any more. Your complimentary, confidential FNA by your Personal Financial Analyst is just a phone call away.

Getting Started Is Easy.

If you don’t already know a Personal Financial Analyst, you can find one here. If you have a spouse or partner, be sure both of you can be at the appointment. You’ll need to make some decisions together.

Important Information to Have

To help you get an accurate picture of your current financial health, make sure you have the following important information handy for your Personal Financial Analyst:

  • Your latest pay slips
  • All savings and investment account statements
  • Superannuation plan statements
  • Company Super benefit statements
  • Life insurance policies
  • Mortgage documents
  • Loan and credit card statements

Because the FNA is personalised, your results will be tailored specifically to you. Once you have an idea of where you stand, your Personal Financial Analyst can help you come up with a strategy to fix problem areas. You deserve a bright financial future. The complimentary FNA is the first step toward the life of your dreams. Let us help you today!