Unique Business Model

Charles Alexander Real Estate offers YOU the training and education  to start a business part-time, whilst maintaining the security of your full-time job.

Regardless of whether you love what you’re doing now, and simply need to earn additional income – or if you want to launch an entire new career – Charles Alexander Real Estate offers you the flexibility to decide what’s best for you.

Would you like the potential to earn an extra $500 - $1000 a month to pay off your personal debt, pay for that holiday, buy a new car or just get some financial relief?

Charles Alexander Real Estate will introduce you to a unique business model that will allow you to earn a second income working your own hours, or if you so desire; assist you in preparing for a new full-time career in real estate sales while you keep your current full-time job.

Everything we do is geared to teaching people what is required to become successful and it's done after hours and on the week-ends - so as not to put your existing employment at risk.

Charles Alexander Real Estate was built for people who want to make their financial ambitions a reality and for those who really want to change their financial status.