Comparative Market Analysis

If you're like many people, you're in the dark about the real market value of your home. You see other properties in your area being sold and ask yourself what would my property be worth? But the truth is, what you think your property is worth and what a buyer thinks it's worth -are two different lines of thought - and getting to the right decision is overwhelming.

A Charles Alexander Real Estate Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Can Help.

To help families better understand how property values are determined, Charles Alexander Real Estate offers the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). The CMA gives a detailed overview of  the current value of your home and suggests a personalised strategy for you on how to to sell it. The CMA is complimentary, confidential and customised for every family that Charles Alexander Real Estate serves.

Here's an overview of the CMA's five basic sections and the information you'll receive from each:

Number of properties on the market in your area

How many properties recently sold in your area

Trends in your area

Sales statistics for your area

Overall market prices in your area